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Orbital Space Flight

Orbital Space Flight - Cosmonaut training at Star City, Moscow: zer-g flights in the MiG-25, centrifuge training, vestibular training, sample space mission in the hydrolab

Take your own history-making first step...

One of the greatest moments in world history featured one small step..that incredible day in June of 1969 when Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon.

Now, we're inviting you to take your own history-making first step, by becoming one of the first tourists in the world to apply to Russia's Cosmonaut Training Program.

There are four training steps that all aspiring cosmonauts must complete prior to embarking on a mission into space:

Orbital Space Flight - the crewMir simulatorsMission ControlCosmonaut Training Center, Star City, RussiaCentrifuge

Step One: Medical Qualification Evaluation
Step Two: Theoretical Lessons, Lectures and Active Hands-On Simulator Training
Step Three: Learning how to work as valuable member of a cosmonaut team.
Step Four: Actual training with other members of your assigned mission team.

Step One: Am I Space Worthy? $179,000 US
Your first step to becoming "space worthy" is the Medical Qualification Phase. This 16 day/15 night cosmonaut adventure has been designed by experts to determine if you have "the right stuff" to train for space travel.

What's involved:
You will undergo the most intense medical examination of your life. Over the course of ten days, you will be given a variety of detailed medical tests at Moscow's Institute of Medical and Biological Problems.

The IMBP was established in 1963 and is the Institute responsible for all aspects of medical and biological support for humans in space, from selection of cosmonauts to in flight support and rehabilitation. You will receive all the same tests given to IMBP's "normal clients"; Russia's top test pilots and scientists hoping to be accepted into Russia's Space Program.

As part of your cosmonaut qualification course, you'll receive an introduction to space training which includes the following:

~ Hypobaric altitude chamber testing
~ Hands-on training on Star City's many simulators.
~ Orlan space suit training.
~ Centrifuge training
~ Vestibular training
~ Personal zero-gravity flight
~ Instruction and sample space mission in the hydrolab **
~ Flight to the edge of space in a Russian MiG-31

**In the event medical tests show you are ineligible for hydrolab training, we will substitute a supersonic flight in a MiG-29 jet fighter.

Some of these training activities will take place at the Gromov Flight Research Center outside Moscow, and some will take place at legendary Star City.

Zero-Gravity FlightInside the Hydrolab

What else is included:
During your 16 days/15 nights in Moscow, you will enjoy luxury accommodations and meals at the Golden Ring Swiss Diamond Hotel, located on historic Arbat Street. Our expert Moscow staff will see to virtually your every need, escorting you on tours of the city and space facilities and providing you with translator services and a look into Russian life few outsiders will ever see.

Our guarantee:
There is no guarantee you will qualify for the Official Cosmonaut Training Program. In fact, the odds are against you. Only a select few will meet the stringent physical requirements necessary to travel to the International Space Station and other destinations among the stars. We can, however, guarantee you a truly memorable experience unlike any other in the world.

E-mail or calltoday for a full color brochure, schedule and further details:
800 644-7382

To request info, CLICK HERE
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